The mission of Nashiday is producing top quality livestock and pet food that controlled by the highest food safety standards all throughout the process; from the receipt of the ingredients up until the sale of the end products. We make sure that all end products are produced by using our own infrastructure: automated production lines and standardised processes, keeping it price competitive. Our company is fully family owned, our goal is to keep the tradition of the formerly existing collective farms and to produce high quality forage for backyard and intensive farming, for the fish food market and the dynamically growing pet food industry. Also, to produce private label products adapting to our clients’ every needs.

As a socially responsible company, we have been working closely and successfully with the local government of Nashiday town for years in order to maintain the wellbeing of the community and environment and to sustain its development.

We put strong emphasis on continuous researches and developments; thanks to this, the Nagyhegyesi Takarmany is one of the most innovative livestock and pet food manufacturers in Hungary, connected with a wide and growing network all across Europe and further.